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Graham John Peters

* UPDATE: Graham was "discovered" in 2013 by his niece, D. Majercin! Graham and his brother, B. Majercin were reunited, and joined a few weeks later by three of Larry Majercin's children in a family reunion in Woodstock, England. Barry and Graham spent four years kindling their relationship when Graham died in 2017. * Graham was placed in an orphanage at 18 months by his mother. Barry (his brother) has never found him.
* Joe Zobay has placed a note on his UK-SSN file. If he ever searches for his ancestry, he will be notified that Barry is looking for him.
* Barry says that this birth certificate lists his mothers name as P. Majercin.
* Missing: Graham John Majercin (or Peters) Name: Dionne Majercin (2004-03-25 10:20:04) Email: Message: I am looking for my uncle birth name Graham John Majercin (or Peters) he was born May 1945 and was given to Barnardos for adoption in approx 1947. His family have been searching for many years. Please email if you have any further information. Thank you
*Missing: Graham Majercin Name: Barry Majercin (2004-04-05 16:21:20) Email: Message: Graham, I lost you many years ago when our mother decided to give you away, to whom I don't know. I was only about 3 years old at the time and you are 18 months younger than me. She will not tell me where she took you or why. I was in Watford, Hertfordshire England at the time of your disappearance. I am now 60 years old which should make you around 57-58 years old. I now live in the U.S.A. with dual citizenship since our father was an American. I think that our mother had on your birth certificate a last name of Peters or Knight (mother's maiden name). Our mother's name is Patricia Tapley (married name). You were born in Royston, Hertfordshire, England. I have tried for years to find you, but to no avail, have not been successful. Please contact me in the U.S.A. at 303-xxx-xxxx or write to my friend Hoppy at I look forward to meeting you, once again. God bless!
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